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Did you know that Dr Morton's - the medical helpline© is a great new telephone and web based service that provides direct speedy access to experienced doctors for confidential reassurance or advice. It is staffed by UK based GMC registered GPs who have the capability to diagnose and prescribe. They also have women's health advisers. Any prescriptions dispensed can be delivered to the workplace. I would love to have this service available to me here at work. I think you should take a look because:

  • Obtaining an appointment at my NHS GP near home isn't easy. If I can get an appointment I have to take the morning off work and this eats into my day.
  • If I am feeling unwell at my desk, my productivity declines. It would be so much easier if I could just call a doctor and get it sorted out. According to Dr Morton's, some 70% of GP appointments are unnecessary because they could be dealt with by phone or email. Why don't doctors respond to emails like the rest of us? At Dr Morton's they do.
  • According to Dr Morton's, time taken off work to visit a GP apparently costs British industry £5 billion per annum of which our company pays its share. You could save money if I didnt have to take time off work to visit my GP. This would probably pay for the service.

I think you should make it known that this service exists and that you are happy for us to use it from our desks. It would be even better still if you were to pay for this service to be available for me. If you contact Dr Morton's at or by calling 020 3195 2127. I am sure you could negotiate an attractive package for larger organisations.

Let me know how you get on.

{your name}

The online medical service you can trust, provided by UK based GMC registered doctors.

Dr Morton's Limited is regulated by the Care Quality Commission

You may contact us on 020 3195 2127 or by email at


Dr Morton's® can save your company money by reducing absence at work.

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